How much do YOU want to lose?
With The Swedish Diet® you could experience an average weight loss of 3-5 lbs per week. This makes The Swedish Diet® a great method for anyone who wants to lose weight, no matter how much you're looking to lose. 

* Based on the study "Effect of a short term dietary supplement combination program on weight management, adipose tissue,
cholesterol and triglycerides in overweight adults." 2007 


Safety Statement

What you need to know about the safety of The Swedish Diet®

This diet has been designed to promote a safe weight loss. 

Children and adolescents, pregnant or breast feeding women, and people with significant health problems including bulimia, heart disease, kidney disease, or diabetes, should not begin this program without authorization from their primary care physician. If you are under treatment for other conditions or taking medications prescribed by your health care probider, you should tell your doctor that you have started a diet. In some cases, adjustments to medications or modifications to the program may be apporpriate.

Weight loss can produce physical changes in the body, such as interruptions in the menstrual cycle, temporary hair loss, and dizziness. Such changes may indicate more serious health complications. Report any such changes that you notice to your primary care provider.

Keep in mind that the health benefits from weight loss can reduce many of the risks associated with being overweight and with obesity: increased risk of heart disease, diabetes, some forms of cancer, gall bladder disease, osteoarthritis, stroke, and sleep apnea, among other illnesses. Losing even small amounts of weight (five to ten percent of body weight) may reduce these risks. The side effects and complications that some people may experience while losing weight by following a healthy eating plan and an exercise program are usually minor compared to the risks of being overweight and of obesity.

What happens after the diet? How do I manage to keep my weight off?

Once you have reached your weight goal, you, like most people, may find it difficult to keep the weight off. You can improve your chances by adopting a lifelong commitment that includes (1) increased frequent and regular exercise of at least moderate intensity, an (2) healthy eating, emphasizing a reduction in total calories, a lowered fat consumption, and an increase in vegetables, fruits, and whole grains. If you did well on The Swedish Diet®,  you can use its diet and exercise recommendations as guidelines for your food planning and a daily exercise regimen.